mobile billboard advertising
Cleverly viewed, well seen!

Seeing and being seen. That's what it's all about when you have something to say. With the Goliad mobile billboard, your message and brand gets 100% attention. Anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, a Goliad:

  • Mobile, so can be placed anywhere
  • Cloth change service, always up to date
  • Sleek design, stylish appearance
  • Up to more than 4.5 meters in height
  • Available in 15+ RAL colors

The Goliad Attention can be more mobile,
visibility can be more beautiful.

Outdoor advertising can be smarter, right? We thought so too, so we developed an innovative and effective billboard. The Goliad moves with every desire, message and location. Besides, this billboard also looks good. Beautifully viewed thus.

“ We are tremendously satisfied with the Goliad! The mobile billboard itself has a beautiful design and ensured that our advertising message was well displayed. It is also very convenient that the Goliad is mobile. So we could place these anywhere. In short, it is the solution we were looking for. We found ?m at Goliad! ”

Gert Hulleman, Hulleman Trucks


Goliad Customization Module Create your mobile billboard in just a few steps

With the Goliad Customization Module, you put together your own Goliad in a few easy steps. Choose the desired dimensions and any extras. With a last click you immediately request your quote. Well clear and convenient.

Your advertising always on the level!

Service Good service, helped quickly

It goes without saying: your Goliad comes complete. The advertising column Is immediately deployable and ready to be seen. Even after delivery, you can count on our good service. Cloth change, maintenance, moving, everything.

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Smart view,
Good view!