Outdoor advertising column with lighting - mobile and flexible

Are you looking for your own outdoor advertising column with lighting? Logical! This is because it is a very effective means of bringing your message to the attention of your target audiences at any time of the day. Especially if you put it in a high visibility location. Goliad offers you that opportunity, in a stylish, flexible, mobile �n service-oriented way. We create a real eye-catcher for your ad!

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With an outdoor advertising column from Goliad, you choose:

  • A sleek look for your ad
  • An advertising column with lighting
  • Visibility on both sides
  • Mobile deployment and flexibility
  • Cloth change service

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The right use of signage creates a strong visual presentation of your business or store. It literally adds to the visibility of your brand. An outdoor advertising column is ��n of the most effective ways to do that, especially if it supports your message in terms of style and design. Because although your ad obviously deserves all the attention, (unconsciously) the manner of presentation also plays an important role. You don't want a billboard with a chilly, industrial look to detract from your message. Goliad offers a clever combination of practical �n beautiful outdoor communication!

Advertising column for businesses and stores

With Goliad, you can be sure your message gets the right support. Our mobile and 4.5-meter-high advertising pillars, visible from both sides, are excellent for businesses and stores. In doing so, you have a choice of different versions. With ?Square? choose a size of 205 x 205 centimeters. ?Rectangle? is 345 x 235 centimeters in size. Both are adjustable in 4 positions. The Goliad is further available in 18 RAL colors, so the frame will always match your message. Also be highly visible at night? Then choose our advertising column with internal lighting.

reclamezuil buiten verlichting multimast
reclamezuil buiten verlichting multimast

Sturdy outdoor advertising column

You obviously want a mobile advertising column that can also withstand severe weather conditions. Without needing to fund it in the ground (with the risk of digging damage) for extra strength. With the flexible Goliad, you are assured of a high-quality mobile billboard, with a solid concrete base with polyester coating and a frame of a beautifully finished aluminum. Weighing from 1,620 to 2,950 pounds, your message will stand strong even in bad weather.

Outdoor advertising with a high level of service.

Goliad goes beyond offering stylish outdoor advertising columns. Also, the transportation of the construction sign or project sign to your desired location we take care of it for you. This way you don't have to worry about arranging special transportation. Is the Goliad in place once, but would you like to move your mobile advertising column over time? We are happy to take that off your hands as well, as well as the maintenance and changing of the canvas. In fact, the Goliad comes with a special cloth changing system. You can therefore change your message as often as you like. Or choose a low-cost monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Renting an outdoor advertising column

Renting an outdoor billboard can be an expensive option, especially if you plan to use it for a long time. Buying one yourself can then end up being much cheaper. However, not sure how long you want to use a billboard for your business or store? We have a nice solution.

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The price of an outdoor advertising column

But what is the price of an outdoor advertising column? We are happy to get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs. Once we know these, we will offer you a competitive quote for your Goliad. In doing so, we are happy to think along with you about which advertising column best suits your desired advertising messages.. Thanks to our many years of experience in print and advertising systems, we can advise you well in this regard.

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