Why the Goliad? Because it can be more mobile, more beautiful and customized

Attention can be more mobile, visibility can be more beautiful. In other words, outdoor advertising can be smarter, we thought. Moreover, from our experience in print and advertising systems, we saw the need for a more mobile solution for outdoor communications.

Communication is always customized. After all, every brand is unique and every communication need is specific. Especially when it comes to outdoor advertising. We meet those needs with the Goliad mobile billboard. Size, color, fabric changes, appearance; we take that next step in capabilities and visibility.


Innovative and effective Developed from requirements and technical knowledge

With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, we knew outdoor advertising was due for that next step. Fueled by market demand and by our technical knowledge, we therefore developed an innovative, effective and flexible billboard.

In addition to higher quality and better functionality, appearance was also on the wish list. Every wish we can tick off with the Goliad. This mobile billboard is made of the strongest plastics, includes a unique fabric change system and is customizable to the needs and look of any company and brand. Unique and striking. Exactly what you want to be as a brand.

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With the Goliad billboard you can choose from several options and extras. The Goliad Customization Module makes the choice easy. Request a customized quote in just a few steps.

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